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  • Have you been injured at work or on public transport?

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You may also be eligible to claim for loss of earnings due to your injuries and care provided by others whilst you recover from your injuries.

The Insurance Assessors at Claims Assist Ireland handle all personal injury claims such as whiplash, road traffic accident, slip trip and fall injuries, public transport accidents, Accidents at work etc. We get our clients maximum personal injury settlement amounts.  Call us on 1890 929 555

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Claims Assist is registered by the Financial Regulator to undertake insurance mediation and we deal with all insurance companies and their representatives.

Acting in your best interests and working with our expert network of legal and technical specialists nationwide, we can prepare and submit your claim for personal injuries compensation directly to the Injuries to ensure 100% slip and fall settlements.

The Personal Injury Claims Process, Step-by-Step

1) We compile essential claim information on accident details, injuries, persons responsible, insurance company, medical reports, garage reports, engineers reports, health & safety expert reports etc.

2) We complete the claim application form with you for submission to the Injuries Board

3) When the injuries board receives the application form they then notify the person or company you are claiming against, who then usually get their insurers to take over from them and handle the claim on their behalf

4) The insurers of the party you consider guilty will either a) accept liability or b) reject liability

5) If the guilty party accepts liability then the injuries board will decide on the amount of compensation you are entitled to be paid. If both accept the settlement proposed then the guilty party issues the settlement cheque.

6) If the party you consider guilty, or their insurers reject liability, then the injuries board will issue an “Authorization” permitting the claim to be pursued through the courts.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As with life, claims are rarely this simple or straight forward. Claims Assist’s expertise will help you around the obstacles, avoid the numerous pitfalls and keep you on the right road to achieve a successful claim and maximum payout entitlement.

Claims Assist Ireland – Road Accident Compensation Claim

What to do following a Road Traffic Accident

First and foremost you should make the health of you and/or passengers your top priority. If you or your passengers have sustained an injury, an ambulance along with the Gardai should be called immediately.

Where there is a road traffic accident in which there are no obvious injuries at the time, telephoning the Gardai and informing them of this will more often than not result in the Gardai indicating that they will not call out to the scene since there is a general policy by the Gardai to let the drivers sort the matter out themselves. Where of course there is serious injury and an Ambulance is called, the Gardai will nearly always attend and may caution one or both drivers and in due course they will take statements from various people involved in the accident and forward these to the DPP to decide whether or not a prosecution will result.

Do’s – After a Road Traffic Accident you should;

  1. Get the registration number of the other vehicle.
  2. Take insurance details.
  3. Always try and behave politely but be firm in the determination to take information from the other driver.
  4. Report the accident to the Gardai.

Dont’s – After a Road Traffic Accident you should not;

  1. Don’t admit liability at the scene of the accident.
  2. Don’t leave the scene of the accident until information and insurance details have been exchanged such as a) Full name and address of driver b) The name and address of the Insurance Company involved with details of motor Policy number. c) The expiry date of the motor policy.
  3. Don’t take literally what the other driver states to you at the scene of the accident. Very often liability can be admitted but in due course the other driver may change his or her story and this can complicate matters. If a party does admit liability then you should get him or her to do so in writing.

Personal Injury Car Accident | Road Accident Injury Claim.

As mentioned above it is very important to exchange names, addresses and motor insurance details with the other driver following a car accident personal injury. This is, however, not always possible as one or both parties may be very seriously injured or perhaps aggressive and confrontational following the collision. What you should do, however, in all circumstances is note the registration number of the vehicles involved. You should do this even when the other party has appeared to be co-operative, as perhaps the details given may be incorrect either due to confusion and shock following what is sometimes a frightening experience or perhaps due to deliberate malice – do not assume that the other party is as honest as you! The the identity and insurance details of the other parties involved in an accident can usually be later verified from the vehicle registration number.