Loss Assessors & Water Damage Insurance Claims Solutions

If you have suffered  water damage or fire damage to your home and are looking for a loss assessor, look no further than Claims Assist Ireland. Contact Your Local Public Loss Assessors now on 1890 929 555. 

Claims Assist Ireland have a team of independent insurance loss assessors to help you through yourinsurance claim process and help you understand what can you claim on house insurance and explain the process of making a homeowners insurance claim.

Our insurance claim consultants are fully trained loss adjusters and experienced in nationwide home insurance claims & business insurance claims.

If you have suffered property damage and you need to make a claim, we can manage your insurance claim from start to finish and ensure you get 100% of your entitlement under the terms of your policy.

Claims Assist handle all types of property damage claims including;


Insurance repairs Galway, Dublin, Limerick & Cork

When you use the services of Claims Assist you will have direct access to our network of skilled and experienced building contractors who can undertake any insurance repair work.

Some of the services our local insurance approved contractors provide are;

Fire damage assessment Galway, Dublin, Limerick & Cork


Water damage to ceiling advice


As home insurance claims experts, we can ensure you receive a 100% claim settlement.

This is due to our loss assessors being highly skilled and experienced in insurance mediation with your insurance company’s loss adjuster.

Claims Assist will document and photograph all your damage so it will be accounted for and included in your claim.

It is important that the obvious damage along with the invisible damage that might not show up for a number of weeks is also included.

Loss assessor fees

Our fee is a small percentage of the claim, settled to a maximum of 10%.

The first survey and inspection is free. In the unlikely event that no insurance claim arises, then no fee will be charged, regardless of the work we put in.

As regulated Public Loss Assessors, we work exclusively for you. We will ensure that the wording of your insurance contract is followed to the letter by your insurance company, so you are not left with an unfair settlement after making an insurance claim.

Claims Assist Ireland have years of experience in dealing with all property damage insurance.

By appointing us to act as your claim consultant, we will ensure your claim is settled in a swift manner along with a maximum payout.

Home Insurance claim advice.

  • Is it worth claiming on house insurance?
  • Do you provide help with homeowners insurance?
  • How to make a home insurance claim?
  • Homeowners insurance claim advice and help?
  • Do you provide fire damage assessment?
  • Can you claim on house insurance for leaking roof?
  • Do you provide property damage assessment?
  • Help with homeowners claim for water damage.
  • Is water damage covered by home insurance?
  • Help with my shower leak insurance claim
  • Does homeowners insurance cover plumbing leaks?
  • Does flood insurance cover broken pipes?
  • Does homeowners insurance cover flood damage?
  • Problems with insurance claims.
  • Help with settling insurance claims.

Our loss assessors are always available to provide help, advice and to answer any questions you may have on home insurance claims

How long will it take for the insurance claim to be settled?
The claims process can vary from claim to claim. It depends on the size and complexity of each case.

In some situations insurers may require additional information such as specialist reports, building contractors quotations and claims history letters from previous insurance companies, this may delay claim settlement.

A straight forward claim can range anywhere between 5-8 weeks without any complications.

Claims Assist Loss Assessors & Loss Adjusters in Galway, Dublin, Limerick & Cork will process your claim in a swift manner ensuring a maximum payout. If you have a water pipe burst in house, Shower Leak insurance claim, Apartment water damage or Flood Water Damage, you should contact our team of water damage claim assessors immediately. We will ensure your burst pipe damage insurance claim is fully covered by your Water Leak Insurance Policy and we are happy to provide you with our water damage insurance claim tips – Call us on 1890 929 555.