Filing an insurance claim with FBD – FBD insurance claims advice


FBD the Irish farm insurance company

When you file an FBD home, farm or business insurance claim under your policy, professional advice from a Public Loss Assessor like Claims Assist is essential. FBD have had a traditional ‘Irish & friendly’ image with farm insurance being a large component of their customer base. However some of FBD’s claim practices and procedures that come to light during our day to day dealings with FBD insurance claims & the bulk of online complaints from people filing an insurance claim with FBD have described their practices as unfair and unjust, some might say illegal especially regarding the FBD policy of retaining part of the claim settlement monies owned to the policyholder (over and above the policy excess!).  So call Claims Assist on 087-2333883 now to ensure any insurance claim against any policy you are making is settled quickly and to your full entitlement.

How long does an insurance company have to settle a claim?

FBD, how long does FBD take to settle a claim?, they are relatively expedient and pro active with claims for the most part. Obviously taking that bit longer to settle difficult or complex claims. Overall how long does an insurance company have to settle a claim? There is no determined length of time or fixed period in which your insurance company have to settle an insurance claim and it will usually depend on the type of claim. Claims that need expert opinions, reports, testing or the input of several people before the claim can be agreed are what we have described as ‘difficult claims’ or ‘complex insurance claims’ and these can take months to agree and resolve satisfactorily but it is clear that having a professional claims handler / loss assessor on your side will cut down the length of time it takes to settle a claim.

Note also “No Nonsense Insurance” is just another trading name for FBD.