Home Burglary security alarms, statistics & some common sense safety.

Some homeowners wrongly think that their home insurance policies cover the full extent of financial losses suffered in burglary and theft claims. It is an unfortunate fact that insurers will not cover all losses suffered when policy excesses, exclusions and limitations are applied to the claim settlement terms and conditions.

Best Advice for prevention of a home burglary

The best advice therefore is clearly that prevention is better that cure and certainly the most cost effective and least traumatic from the home owner’s perspective. The most recent statistics taken from the Central Statistics Office (CSO) recorded crime index shows 19,092 burglaries and related offences occurred nationwide in 2017 with decreases in some areas and notable increase in recorded burglaries for instance in counties in the commuter belt for Dublin.
A thorough and systematic way to protect your home or business is to take a 3 step approach firstly assessing the risk as your insurance company do with a quick look at the historic statistics for your particular area, county and local Garda station. Phone Watch have provided a handy burglary report and map on their website that provides detailed information for your locale with the recent CSO statistics of incidents and also 8 handy tips to bolster prevention.

Phonewatch – security guide advice – CSO burglary map

Taking this advice and current ‘best practice’ is step 2 on the way to a more secure property and presenting an unpalatable building to criminals. Interestingly as a Phone Watch customer, you are more than 4 times less likely to have a break-in.

Burglary insurance claims & home contents insurance premiums

From the perspective of your insurance company a property with no alarm system is most vulnerable and presents the higher risk to cover with associated higher premiums. A home with a standalone alarm does provide some deterrent to criminals and burglars and decreases the element of risk for your insurance company and having an alarm should lower the cost of contents cover.

Some alarms however do activate for a myriad of reasons such as power cuts and other faults making the alarm a nuisance to neighbors which can leave the alarm’s ‘call’ slow to investigate or report. This can and is exploited by burglars who set off alarms repeatedly on purpose to set up a type of ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation leading to the home becoming another statistic & the home owner having to make a claim. The ideal solution is a monitored alarm system such as Phone Watch which presents the best deterrent to the criminal who knows when ‘sizing up’ a property that has a Phone Watch alarm box that security isn’t lax within and when the alarm is activated that action will follow within moments. Once you have Phone Watch monitored alarm active and follow the top tips for securing your home your ready for step 3 which is shopping around for the best price contents insurance cover. Insurance premium costs have increased sharply in recent years, however these extra costs can be reduced or eliminated by availing of discounts that some insurers offer to policy holders when they reduce burglary and theft risk with the installation and use of a monitored home security system.

Advice on alarm system service providers

As burglary and theft claim specialists operating on a nationwide basis, when our clients ask for advice on the best type of alarm system to install, we point to brand leaders like Phone Watch, with a long established track record and reputation for service excellence and reliability.

Reducing the risk of injury and death from fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

At Claims Assist Loss Assessors Ireland  we attend many house fire incidents annually where serious fire and smoke damage has occurred but fortunately without serious injuries or loss of life. Many of these homeowners have survived the risk of death and serious injury due to the use of the Phone watch combined monitored burglar, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.
We think that after responding to over 670,000 alarm activation’s last year, Phone watch are well positioned to offer the best tips on how to keep family home and contents safe on a 24/7 year round basis.

Author – John Mannion, Claims Assist Loss assessors.