One of our call outs yesterday was to a fire damaged house in Co. Limerick. The homeowners were forced to call out the fire brigade during the night when they noticed flames and smoke over their range in the kitchen.
This traditional style cottage had a chimney fire occur as a range was fitted to replace an old open fire at the property.
A build up of soot in a void behind the range caught fire at the foot of the chimney and it smoldered away for hours undetected.
Eventually the intense heat cracked the chimney and that allowed an extensive amount of fire and smoke damage in the kitchen and throughout the house. This is a typical house fire claims example and will give the reader of this article some idea of just the beginning of a house fire claims process.

Total loss fire claims – partial loss fire claims

Notifying the fire brigade immediately and vacating the house to safety the homeowners watched as the fire services arrived at the house and set about extinguishing the chimney fire. Protection of life is obviously the first priority but minimizing property damage is also a directive that is high on the list of protocols that the emergency services operate within. Quickly putting a fire out can make a world of difference and in terms of liability for insurance company and for the claimant themselves it is the separation between total loss fire claims and partial loss fire claims. Unfortunately the fire service were unable to access the source of the fire in the void behind the range so they had to demolish part of the chimney breast to extinguish the chimney fire.
After meeting the home owner we were able to report the fire damage claim to their insurance company and we have arranged a meeting with the insurance company’s loss adjuster at the house to go through and agree the extent of the house fire and resulting chimney fire smoke damage. This is a fairly standard part of a house fire claims process as loss adjuster would call to inspect and record the extent of damage to a house in 99% of property fire claims.
The loss adjuster whilst recording damage and looking for cause of the fire is there on behalf of the insurance company. The homeowner wisely had Claims assist acting on their behalf and as publicly registered loss assessors we bring our complete knowledge and understanding of the house fire claims process to the table. Any disputes or points of contention in each and every of the multiple facets and complexities of both partial fire claims and total fire claims are given the due diligence that having professional representation provides & ensures that the insurance policy provides the full extent of cover that was sold and paid for, no more and no less.

The next step in this house fire is a local chimney insurance repair specialist. Nationwide Chimneys have been called to undertake the chimney CCTV survey and the chimney relining works at the home.

If you have suffered a chimney fire, house fire, smoke damage or kitchen fire and you want to get the maximum claim pay out to cover the repair and replacement of all parts of your home that have been fire or smoke damaged then you need a specialist fire damage assessor. Claims assist will take your property fire claims and manage every component from start to finish on a ‘no win – no fee’ basis. Feel free to call us now on 1890 929 555