Cleaning up even minor oil spills can be a costly affair so our advice is to check with your insurance company that you have adequate home insurance in place to cover costs associated with oil spills and oil leaks. Aspects of a spill can include the assessment, cleanup of a spill, and any consequences due to transfer of the spill into the ground. Claims Assist are specialist loss assessors to enable both home owners and businesses deal with oil spills, oil leaks and other environmental contamination incidents – read on below to make contact with our 32 county fast response oil leak response company with offices local to you and the experience to provide best advice & a turn key solution to put your land and property back to its original state – pre contamination.

Initial steps to take upon discovering you have an oil spill or an oil leak at home

If you find an oil spill damage at your home or suspect an oil leak, we suggest acting quickly by:

 Contacting a specialist oil spill clean up contractors/ oil spill clean up company. A few of  the specialist oil spill cleanup contractors in Ireland offer a free initial call out to assess the extent of your oil spill and its environmental damage & health concerns to you and your family. This is your best chance to get clear-cut definitive advice on your situation.

One of the oil spill companies I know of that provide this initial consultation are Nationwide Oil Leaks Ireland  – with offices all around Ireland from Dublin, Galway, Limerick, Kerry across to Waterford. Call – 1890-929-555 for assistance.

Oil leak insurance claims