Small water leaks from pipes, appliances and tanks frequently develop into more serious leaks if left unattended. Burst water pipes can quickly lead to major damage to your home or property. When stressed out home owners submit their Burst and leaking pipe Insurance Claims they often leave out secondary and hidden damage caused by water seeping into spaces that are not immediately obvious. This is one of the many reasons that you should seek advice from a specialist Claims Assist loss assessor

Water leaking and getting into the wrong places can cause structural damage, rot, mould growth, let mildew develop, rust problems and even fires from unnoticed electrical damage. It is vital to call on the expert advice of Claims Assist Loss Assessors as early as possible to assess the damage and ensure a full claim payout from your insurance company.

Burst Pipes and Water Damage Insurance Claims
Burst Pipe in Home

A Burst pipe, pipe leak, dishwasher leaking or washing machine overflow can cause water damage ranging from a small stain on a ceiling or floor boards warping to a full on catastrophe that causes damage to the entire property.
The Claims Assist Network of construction and insurance professionals will be aware of the potential damage and have the expertise, the specialist equipment (leak detection) and repair contractors to locate and solve the problem.

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Why should you use Claims Assist to manage your burst pipe or other water damage insurance claim?

You should use Claims Assist Loss Assessors because our years of experience and specialist knowledge help to identify the cause, produce the best solution, provide the most competent specialist contractors and get you a maximum payout for your insurance claim.

The insurance company’s Loss Adjusters role is to minimize the Insurance Company’s payout, so they tend to skip over secondary damage unless it is uncovered and pointed out to them. Claims Assist Loss Assessors have extensive knowledge and experience in handling these types of claims, and will make sure that you are not short changed by your insurance company, as what often happens when amateur homeowners deal directly with a professional Loss Adjuster.

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