Chimney Fire Damage and Insurance Claims

Faulty chimneys are the most common cause of serious loss, damage and expense to homeowners. The chimney and fireplace installation is the part of the home that usually suffers the most stress from fire, wind, rain, lightning, storms and extremes of temperature varying from -16° Celsius in cold winter weather externally to internal flue temperatures reaching 1100° Celsius.

In between these extreme variations in temperature your chimney and fireplace installation will inevitably have to deal with the serious effects and sometimes damage caused by expansion and contraction along with thermal shock caused when a structure or material is heated or cooled too rapidly. Boiling water at just 100° Celsius can cause a glass to crack, so it is understandable to find that a chimney flue liner and stack may crack at 900° Celsius if subjected to rapid temperature change or fire surge.

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Just because you find that your chimney is damaged it does not automatically mean that you can claim for repairs under your home insurance policy. For example, damage caused by wear and tear is not covered and neither is damage resulting from faulty workmanship or faulty design.

You may not notice your chimney is damaged until it is too late to make a claim. Some insurers state that a claim must be made within 28 days of the incident leading to the damage and if the damage looks older (e.g. some cracked chimneys) then they simply refuse the claim based on late notification.

Chimney Fire Damage

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