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Do you need to report a fire & smoke damage insurance claim?

Structural damage like fire damage can spread to areas within your house that may not be visible to you. Often smoke and soot damage can extend to areas of a fire damaged house where the fire did not even reach. The resultant soot, when it breaks down becomes corrosive and can cause serious damage to electrical appliances meaning that it is vital that your fire damaged home is professionally cleaned to prevent any further long term damage.

Our insurance loss assessors are regularly called out to house fire damage, fire and smoke damage to apartments, commercial fire damage, kitchen fire damage, chimney fire damage, smoke damage to sitting rooms, business fire damage etc. and are very knowledgable in fire insurance claim procedures.

The Claims Assist Team of Specialist Fire & Smoke Claim Assessors in Galway, Limerick and Dublin have a plan in place to safeguard your interests, assess the full extent of your fire damage and ensure a swift full fire insurance claims settlement payout to deal with all loss and damage suffered.

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Unexpected fire damage to your kitchen, house or property can be a very stressful and distressing experience. You can be confused and unsure as to how you should proceed. Insurance companies can often add to that confusion and uncertainty and they almost expect you to know what to do, how to submit your claim and begin the fire restoration process.

When you engage one of our independent insurance assessors we will act immediately to start your fire damage claims process. We will assess the fire damage, quantify the total cost of repairs and record all relevant details. We will give you professional advice in relation to your insurance claim for fire damage and the support you need to return your fire damaged home or business to normal again.

Whether you have suffered from a kitchen fire, an electrical fire, a house fire or a chimney fire – using the services of a Claims Assist Specialist Fire Damage Assessor could prove invaluable! As we know all the current building rates and your entitlements under your home insurance policy, we can ensure you get the maximum payout for your fire and smoke damage claim.

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Liaising with your Insurance Company to ensure you get the best fire restoration entitlement.

You should know that anything you say to your insurance company at this stage may affect your claim. You should not dispose of anything until your fire damaged property has been inspected by a loss adjuster appointed by your insurance company. The onus is on you to prove your loss, and you could prejudice your claim if you dispose of the fire damaged evidence.

Your insurance company will employ a Loss Adjuster to ‘adjust’ your claim. They are engaged by your insurance company to settle your fire damage claim as economically as possible, thus saving your insurance company money. As we know how to deal with a loss adjuster, we will ensure you get your full claim entitlement.

At Claims Assist, our Insurance Claim Management Team are familiar with any additional benefits or extensions to cover that your policy provides, ensuring your receive your maximum fire restoration entitlement under the terms of the policy.

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Above is footage of a kitchen fire insurance claim we were called out to recently in Limerick City. Our fire damage loss assessor on site uploaded to our YouTube Channel to give you an idea of the damage a fire in a kitchen can cause.

Our Loss ‘Assessor’ or Public Adjuster as we are sometimes known as, will work on your behalf to advise on the variety of issues that become important after a fire has occurred, including: protecting your property, alternative accommodation, disposal of damaged goods, salvage values, etc.

The speedy submission of fire damage claim documentation, combined with our expert insurance knowledge, will ensure you obtain satisfaction from your insurers.

So to answer the question, YES you should use a Public Adjuster

To ensure you receive 100% of your entitlement under the terms of your policy, for fire damage, water damage or smoke damage, call us immediately.

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