Water Damage Insurance Assessors, Nationwide!

As specialists in claims management, our water damage insurance assessors are vastly experienced in handing all types of home insurance water damage claims. Whether the damage is due to burst water pipe damage, underfloor leaks, leaking attic tanks or burst pipes from freezing temperatures, our expertise can prove invaluable.

A typical example of a water damage claim that we are called out to, is this home in Limerick City.

(Clink on the video to see the full extent of the burst pipe damage)

A small leak developed in an upstairs ensuite and it allowed a large quantity of water to flood the upstairs rooms and eventually come through the light and ceilings downstairs. This lead to ceilings collapsing, floor boards buckling and the water eventually caused the electricity supply board to trip.

A specialist water damage insurance assessor is highly trained in water damage assessmnet. It is one thing pointing out the obvious damage that is visible but the hidden damage that may not show up for a number of weeks/months is where a loss assessor can prove their worth! With our expertise in building materials and building technology, we can ensure you get your full settlement entitlement under the terms of your policy.

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